Our House

MCPD: 20 weeks

It's finally completion of the construction work. Last week DH collected the keys! The house is ready to move into. But.. this week we just had ourselves get the handover inspection. For sure we want everything to be perfect. So together with the developer we did detailed examination of secondary and finishing elements. We showed him the defects and took some pictures while he wrote down all of them. We don't allow even a single drop of paint stain on the ironmongeries or tiles. DH knocked each tile with the back of a screwdriver. LOL. It may sound ridiculous. But that is what we usually do during inspection. Some defects are common, except for the installation of roof which we expect them to rectify, or else in the future we'd probably facing big problem. They said it will take a month to start with the defect works. It's quite long for us. So, I've been preparing a list of defects & incomplete construction for the builder to address. The list is actually not ours to do as they will prepare almost everything we need, now we just want to do a fast track. Hopefully by early next week the letter and the defect list are ready to be forwarded to the contractor.

Why so rush? The situation is like this.. both me and DH are now staying in DH's uncle's house, only both of us. Their whole family is being transferred to Miri. They will be coming back to Kuching on every school holiday, including this coming June and Raya. When they come, it means three adults, two kids and three younger ones are coming back to the house. There still will be space for me and DH though, but we concern about Raya. This year's Raya means my EDD (yes this baby will be born insyaAllah either in Ramadhan or Syawal, on or around September 19) which means my parents will be coming, plus my sister and her friend. (Hopefully more relatives will come though). There's no way we're going to stay there if their family are in the house too. And we're talking about more people are coming visiting for ber-Raya. Just imagine. So since we have our own house, it's better if we get the house done early.

But here is another issue. Let's say the house is done. Defects are fixed. How on earth are we going to stay in the new house with no furniture? LoL. There are lots of expenses but our budget was never to include buying and preparing the house built-in furniture and fittings. To be honest currently we have two queen size beds, a couple of shelves full with books, a huge drawing table, computers, some kitchen equipments we got as our wedding gifts and that's it. I just had this thought in my mind, I hoped both my and DH's bosses are reading this and they quickly prepare our salary increment and bonus. LoL.


||kiena|| said...

i know it's a little bit late n hard to save money now for the new house,..
Alhamdulillah kiena n ims has started to save money for move in to our new house SURIAJELATEK RESIDENCE,.. we do ASB Loan,.. insyaAllah its enuf for us to cover all the basic equipment n fitting for the house,.. my dad always remind me that moving to new house at least i have to save 30K - 5OK,.. 50k tuh agakss susah la nk simpan ahahahaha,. kitorg kire2 pon after two years buleh la nk dpt 30K klu x gune yearly dividen from ASB,.. ngeh3,... insyaAllah,..

bnyk kan bende nk kene save once we want to move in,.. hmm anyway best of luck!pesanan penaja: jgn bnykkan hutang,.. nnt tdo xlena,.. huehuehue,..(^_~)

donarose said...

Thanks for the input Kiena. I dont think we can afford ANOTHER loan. *sigh* The first intention to buy this house was to rent it first, and move in only after 2 years. Tapi cerita dah lain. previously we did birth control, money problem was one of the reason, 2nd sbb nak gain enough working experience dulu. But later we gave up birth control cause we think the baby ada rezeki dia sendiri. insyaAllah. Xper, untuk setakat ni at least ada katil n internet kat rumah dah cukup.haha.

ASB dividen sounds interesting! We actually have been saving some money kat ASB since sebelum kawin lg (masa tu dah start berangan). Cuma impossible to get around 30K! fuihh! unless somebody help us to pinjamkan duit untuk simpan saham this huge amount of money like 80k or 100k ka.. Lol. Kitorng amik dividen jer cukup. (and again I'm hoping boss is reading this LOL)

Anonymous said...

uyo... mahal tu nak isi rumah. kena belajar seni pertukangan murah sikit boleh buat furniture sendiri hehe... kalau nak kumpul 30K dari ASB 2 thn kena ada 200k dlm acc. kalau aku ada 200k aku xtahan dah nak tunggu 2 thn hehe... xper, nanti aku bagitau boss blog ni :p

donarose said...

aih siapa Cik Anonymous ni?? mahal memang la. nak tulong kah?? LoL.(BTW boss ker ni? mana dapat address blog ni,boss?) haha lagi2 dok berharap bos baca.

||kiena|| said...

ouh Dona,.. kiena n im amik loan ASB 200k,.. so yearly diveden will be base on 200K,.. so it is worth while young! better to take max loan w/ max length,..

kiena da study n my dad yg approach to take this loan,.. dulu mase mule2 amik ade gak forward kiraan loan nih pada kawan2.. xpe give me ur email,.. mane tahu ade kemampuan buleh la tgk cmne,..

donarose said...

Thanks kiena for the input. Ingatkan mimpi rupa2nya betul2 ada loan untuk simpan ASB (mata dah start hijau nih). Email dn oranodes@gmail.com. Sounds interesting, though we cannot afford another debt tapi blh la nak try! Mudah2an kitorng layak amik loan tu.hehe. Betul what you said, it's worth while young~