The Fourth Antenatal Visit

MCPD: 19 weeks 4 days

Went to my fourth antenatal visit. The LO was doing GREAT alhamdulillah. I heard his heartbeat again. He's healthy, no wonder he's been so active. My blood pressure was good. They did a thumb prick blood test, the result was fine. I got the second injection this time and it did hurt. I think it's an intramuscular injection, the needle was like 90-degree angle that it hit the muscle. *Ouch*. Normal injections weren't that bad. Since then I felt muscle spasm. Still painful. A little uncomfortable especially when driving cause the power steering seems to lose its power. Coincidentally I had to drive since DH went to Sabah. Luckily it was a day trip and he chose that cause he didn't want to leave me staying home alone. So he'll be driving to work tomorrow. I hope my arm will be getting better, the nurse said it'd last for 3 days!

When I'm writing this it's late already. I don't feel sleepy, of course cause I just woke up. I fell asleep after Maghrib and only woke up when DH came, felt exhausted. But I'm fine as long as the LO is doing great. And these are what I'm having, tasting ole-ole chocolate for pleasure at nearly two o'clock in the morning. By the way, I only took 4. ~

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