Rezeki Baby

MCPD: 13 weeks

This could be what we mostly say 'baby's fortune'. Let me start from the beginning..

My boss kept telling me that I should fly to KL next week for a one full day meeting which makes me have to stay there for two nights. That means a night before and a night after the meeting. I had this decision to tell him that I'd probably not going since I'm pregnant. The reason was my colleque is pregnant (farther than I am) and few months ago I replaced her for a meeting since boss didn't allow her to go. He said it's the first trimester and it'd be risky for the baby to fly. That's how the decision to inform the boss came to my mind.

So today I told my boss that I'm pregnant. He congratulated me and gave me few tips on vitamins and prayers. He told me that he would consider an increase in my salary! He said that's the baby's fortune. Couldn't believe, I was excited and grateful.

But apart from that, guess what, I'm still flying to KL :. So I got the conclusion that my boss doesn't sayang me as not considering my pregnancy. But maybe it's too early for me to say that. Everything will be fine. All I need to do is to get confirmation by the doc. Once she okay'd then I'd gladly fly for work. After all Allah loves the baby and I believe there is fortune insyaAllah.

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