My Worries

MCPD: 5 weeks 6 days

This is my first pregnancy- (as most of you know). I know that miscarriage would happen easily at the first trimester. I have been told about this so many times. Everyone is advising almost the same thing. I take it as something to be seriously considered, that I should be extra careful. It's just that I become so worry and the fear of getting m/c is haunting me. But worrying won't do any good to me or the LO. What I should do is to pray a lot and hope for the best. I and DH are really expecting the baby. I hope I will enjoy my pregnancy so much and experience happy and healthy joyful moments. I shouldn't be worried too much. I guess good thoughts and possitive attitude in our mind is what we need. May Allah give us strength.

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mroy said...

si bakal Ibu ni selalu tidur Lambat... main internet jer