Meet Sheraz's Friend

 A picture taken by Sheraz himself on my iPhone.

Hippie is an orange Hippo which he got as a gift from my Mak G on his first birthday, last year. Since then Hippie has been his loyal friend. He loves H so much that he brings it everywhere all the time. Then imagine how smelly the little friend is. Luckily Sheraz just doesn't mind if the little friend has to go to the washing machine.


S-Rafaella said...

anddd.. u're back! Yayy!! :D The first pic is so funny. It's like H is having his drinks. SD is a not a fond teddy admirer. His world are all surrounded by cars and books. He easily get bored with teddies :D

Sheraz took the picture himself? OMG, soon he'll pose and take his own pic!

O..oo... How time flies..

Btw, its real good to have you back :)

amirah said...

boleh imagine camne la kalau mr hippo ni hilang..hehe

||kiena|| said...

Liam pon ade kawan orange! Heeee tigger! Tp kawan dlm kereta jer,.. :P

Rose said...

Sabrina, actually he has already been taken photos of himself. using the same phone. There are a lot of them but I don't dare to delete.

Sheraz also like books and cars, wow they both got the same thing in common. This Hippo is like his bantal busuk. He doesn't really play with anak patung haha.

Amirah, kalau Hippo x de, dia akan cari masa nak minum susu dan masa nak guling2 tido.

Kiena, aah dona pernah tengok post pasal tigger! comey.

Rose said...

sorry grammatical howler

* been taking