Look What He Did

.. to my new specs!

I had had a shower, the next thing I knew is Sheraz was sitting on the desk and almost everything on it was on the floor, except for the PC and its speaker - luckily. And God loves us cause the little guy didn’t fall down or worse. It seemed that he’d dragged a chair and used it to climb to the desk to get the telephone. (This is the reason why we disconnected our phone cable and nobody can get through to our home phone line.)

So I had these crooked specs. Somehow I know he twisted and stretched it before dropping it on the floor. It was in a terrible condition when I found it. The next day I went to the optometrist to get it fixed. He said the small piece where the screw is supposed to be secured was badly bent. Most probably it might easily break, but he tried to repair anyway after warning me to consider buying a new frame if he fails.

I was like waiting in front of an Operation Theatre, feeling so nervous. I was like fainting every time somebody got out from the room, wishing he/she would bring some good news. (Hello, it’s a new pair!) Sorry for the exaggerations. : ) In the end, he did it and I can enjoy wearing the specs again.

Who would want to be mad when looking at this innocent face.


Confession of a Coffeeholic Momma said...

huhuhuhu... kita senasib... anak dara ku mmg berhobi mematahkan spek.

spek mama, pernah. spek tokma, setel. spek papa, selesai!!

note to us all, spek letak tinggi2 yg budak ni tokleh capai. naya naya.. huhuhu..

dona::rose said...

lawaknya, miya buat jugak. kenapa specs jadi target diorg. Naya.

Isabel said...

Hi Rose. I wouldn't get mad myself if that's the face of the little mr. mischief...=)

Found your blog through ParenThots and now am following cause I find your blog interesting.

Isabel @ www.mummysletters.blogspot.com

dona::rose said...

Hi Isabel :) you're right, how can we be mad at face like that.

and btw, Thank you!