January 2011: What an Atypical month for me

Out of 21 working days, I only worked for 6 days. I didn't ask for a leave,,

the doctors did.

And yes, including a day off on my birthday :)

So this is how I started the year 2011!


::Ida:: said...

wahh bestt nyaa!!!!! cuttii!!!!!
nway how are u doing now dona? any pain or anything?

hope you'll be fine and well soon!
take care dona!

misha.w said...

bg cuti u kt i plsssss.. i baru bulan january, tp cuti dah nak abes dah. huhuuh

dona::rose said...

Ida, alhamdulillah I have fully recovered. No pain, it lasted two days only actually but the rest & relax part was quite looong.

Misha, mudah2an after this Raisya sihat selalu, so the next cuti will be betul2 cuti, bukan cuti jaga anak sakit. ok