No Picture with my Baby?

When I was browsing through my folders, I noticed I got only a few pictures of me and Sheraz. When I say a few, it means they're not more than the number of your fingers! The fact is I rarely take pictures of myself. Blame to the silly bashful person in me. It's pity, I know. From today onward, I will take more pictures with my-not-so-baby little guy and of course the other important guy in my life, the DH.

Yesterday I quickly tried to take a few shots after work. DH wasn't home yet to help on this. Actually, we took some snaps during the weekend but I was hapless to have the camera set wrongly to Continuous release-mode which made most pictures come out terribly terrible.

For a start.

Sheraz wasn't focusing on the camera because he was watching Pertandingan P.Ramlee on the TV.

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