Hari ... .. raya

Today Sheraz missed his Hari Raya Potluck at his school nursery. They always mark the end of Syawal by celebrating it; the kids are to visit among the classes and wear their Raya attire. Parents are encouraged to bring any form of food for the day. It's not that I ran away from preparing the food, Sheraz couldn't join because he got sticky red eyes this morning. That's the reason why I sent him to DH's mom (while I went to work).

Speaking of Raya, I was like hating myself for not updating about it at all. For me this is my so called record media, Sheraz's second raya was not in (and not to mention his BIG DAY, his letter for his FIRST birthday, his pictures). I myself don't know where I have been. *sigh*

I was about to discard the little boy's school notice on his Raya Potluck when I realized this is the end of Syawal. So I would like to take this opportunity to say "Selamat Hari yang dah not so Raya." and the most important thing, Minal Aidin wal faizin. :)


Moments to Remember said...

is it true? ade raya potluck @ our kids nursery. means we all also missed this event. next week Sofea dah pegi nursery semula. after 3 weeks bercuti duduk dgn grandparents kt melaka, hopefully dia ok pegi nursery nnt. jumpa sheraz semula!

dona::rose said...

betul, isnin tu ada. wah best lamanya Sofea cuti raya sebulan!
Ya hopefully dia ok dtg balik nursery. Sheraz kata dia dok cari sofea. hehe