It's party time! Not Sheraz's yet, it was DH's baby cousin. Unlike me, Sheraz is not afraid of mascots.

Older kids were playing.

Sheraz wanted to join as well. Look at the face. Kesian, he's too small for the game.

But finally he found something to play with. "ermm Bunda, I guess this will do."


Sabrina Rafaella said...

i hate mascots too dona..err..they are big, creepy and furry! ahh! i am scared of it ever since i was a kid

donarose said...

YAY. I'm normal.
You know what, you're right, they're huge and furry and their heads are always too big for the body.

Sabrina Rafaella said...

i know! sometimes i feel like pulling their heads and asking them to stop dancing around! weirdo!

butter-and-fly said...

hihi sheraz come..
mata bulaaatttt.. :D