Little Sleepy Head

He was once a little baby. Time flies. He's gonna be a year old soon!

**When he was much younger he spent most of his time sleeping. Lots of pictures taken show him slumbering. Nowadays it's a bit hard to take one while he's asleep. It's because he doesn't like to take a nap and I just don't feel to take it while he sleeps at night.


::Ida:: said...

hensem lah sheraz!
this photo nampak muka roy sket..
mata tu ikot dona... :D
he's definately a heartbreaker :P

dona::rose said...

aar bila tido muka roy, bila bukak mata jadi dona terus. :b

thnx aunty Ida. mudah2an elok rupa dan akhlak jugak. same wish goes to Hariz. amin.