He's a walker!

Sheraz is 10 months, 1 week and 5 days old

Sheraz has been taking his first one to two steps since he was 9 months, let's say it was like walking by accident (step, step... froze... lowered to knees and crawled). Only on Saturday he took 4 to 5 steps - purposely (He was 10 months, 1 week and 2 days old). On Sunday he started to walk the length of the living room and back! He's gradually taking more and more each day. I guess this brings baby-proofing to a whole new level!

We've been having an anxious time waiting for this moment. I'm making a video clip to celebrate the accomplishment - his first four steps!

We're so proud of him.~

L e a r n    t o    W a l k

* * *

Thank you for watching :D


::Ida:: said...

awww... what a milestone!!! lepasni boleh la jalan2 kat park kan.. bestt nyerrr..
cant wait for hariz's turn..
tapi gigi pon tadak lagi.. huhuhu

donarose said...

Ida, don't worry, nothing to hurry. he will have those teeth his whole life. For the time being just enjoy the teethless moment - looking at that cute gummy smile.

Jalan2 kat park, belum lagi kot. cos he always gets easily distracted with every thing on the ground. He doesnt fully walk yet, masih jatuh2 and still cruising around, sitting and crawling though.

Sabrina Rafaella said...
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Sabrina Rafaella said...

ahh..sheraz is soo..cute! haha! lucu nya jalan dona..aduh2..he fell down! so scary..did he cried? oh..should put safety-gate at the staircase from now on :)
he remind me of myself when i was small, started to walk at the age of 10months and 11days. so pendek :P
how is he now?masih memilih susu nya ka?

donarose said...

hehe. tQ~

Scary to see he fell down aight? So close to the table! Felt like my heart stopped beating for a few sec. No he didn't cry. Mun kita kecoh tegal nya guguk, I think he would. Sometimes whenever he falls down I just pretend or tell him that it's ok, it's not that bad, you're strong, and so forth, so psychologically he won't feel jittery.

Wah coincidentally, the same time. Ntah2 Siredik kelak laju lagi!

Yes, masih memilih susu. Last 2 days the doctor gave him isomil - soya based milk. guess what? sik mao juak. haiish.

ella said...

wow!! congrats sheraz!!

Sabrina Rafaella said...

Ya..so close to the table..Aduh2.. But kids are like that, the more we kecoh if they fall down, the more 'manja' they will be..hehe!

Ooo...sik maok juak? Sikpa..but then..err..sampai bila?

Berapa oz nya minum perday kinek tok?

donarose said...

Thanks aunty Ella!!

Sabrina, sampai bila I dont have idea. So far he has rejected cow and soya based milk. Next I should try for goat's milk. That's the only hope (?) He's now taking 4 bottles of 4 oz per day. Malam nurse jak.