Skinny Baby?

"Kenapa dia jadi kurus?" That's what most people say when they see Sheraz. The little one was once chubby and he was a big baby compared to the babies his age. As he grows older now he looks lean, not chubby like most babies are. For me, that doesn't bother me at all. The most important thing is that he looks perfectly fine, he is really active, happy, making diapers, and meeting milestones. By the way, he has no food intake issue. In fact, he loves to eat, in a big quantity as well. So since at this point food is only like a supplement where milk is still the main food, I blame his weight on the milk. Not 'blame' to be exact, just to have a simple evaluation on the milk part.

People are a bit skeptical on the amount he gets compared to other formula fed babies. Well, most babies at his age take supplement like 6-8 oz per feeding. But Sheraz just got 3-4 oz of EBM per bottle during the day. In the evening I only nurse him. The thing is most of us do not aware that we do not need to increase milk intake of a breastfed baby because the composition of the breast milk changes as the baby gets older and the amount needed does not change.

About whether he gets enough amount to fill in his tummy, I just simply see the baby himself as the barometer. As long as he looks satisfied and contented, he should be fine. Anyway, during the day he has milk every 2 hours almost consistently, instead of every 4 to 6 hours.

The second thing which I'd like to highlight is he is mobile. Sheraz is an active little boy. It's hardly to see him stay still or sit properly unless if he's asleep. When he moves a lot, I'm sure he's burning calories like crazy. That contributes to his body shape. As our babies get more mobile they will start to look a little leaner and the rate of growth slows a bit as they get older too!

Lastly, people are all sizes, and so are babies. His parents are lean. So what do you expect? That should also explain, right?

I wish I can talk as easy as I write. sigh. You see, at least I'm trying to breakdown possibilities as I don't want to let other people worry me for nothing.



::Ida:: said...

aww... sheraz is sooo cuteee!!! i think its totally fine if he looks lean. look at his mom and dad!!! :P

we are pulak worried if hariz overweight :P u should see him in person. lol. nak dukung lama2 pon sakit pinggang :P but i think he got it from his abah (hahaha.. blame it on abah dia :P)

donarose said...

haha. Blame on his dad. Yup i can see hariz is chubby, but not overweight kot.

ella said...

hey that is normal lah! it means that he's an active baby! burns calories.. mesti fit la sheraz nih nnt.. hehe!

donarose said...

hi Ella.
yup, I hope so. thank you