So He Thinks He Can Sit

He wasn't sleeping.

He was actually trying to lift up his body or maybe trying to sit. Sheraz has been doing this since the last two weeks. Whenever we put him on his chair or on bed, he would lift up his head and shoulder eagerly. He makes sounds while doing it as if he's trying it so hard. He could stay for few seconds and once he's tired he gives up and sighs. He would do it all over again until he groans. So when he's getting upset, I try to help him by pulling both his arms forward until he is in sitting position. and he's so pleased when I do that - he has this goofy smile and laughs. I cannot let him sit for so long since his back might not be strong enough to sit up. So I let go of his hands back to the previous position. Guess what he always cries wanting for more. Maybe my little guy thinks he can sit.


butter-and-fly said...

kk itu baju nya sheraz lucu banget..

donarose said...

t-shirt. baju2 dia banyak kk beli baru karna ga muat! skrg kk beli untuk 6-12 bln.