Don Arsyad Muzhaffar Deng An-Ran

I would like to introduce abang's son in this blog - Sheraz's baby cousin: Don Arsyad An-Ran. (His name has been shortened). Born on October 12, 2009 which made him 27 days younger than Sheraz. In the family he's addressed as "baby kecil" while Sheraz as himself. Arsyad was a petite newborn, hardly cried and always smiled. And as far as I remember he didn't drink as much as Sheraz did.

So Sheraz was the bigger one. Sheraz look like he was acting as the 'older brother' in the two pictures below. Pictures were taken two months ago during our visit to Jakarta.

Remember this? We all loved this picture. It looks as if he was bullying the 'baby kecil'.

And now, showing the latest picture of "baby kecil".

Seems that "baby kecil" is no longer kecil.

.. and for the moment this is to compare him with Sheraz in scale. They got identical pillows (Sheraz is using another pillowcase). Now who's bigger?

Well done Arsyad!


butter-and-fly said...

that's why.. his father called his baby now.. "endut" hehehe

butter-and-fly said...

c endut arsyad sekarang rewel.
mau nya di ayun" atau ngga jalan"..
klo ngga dy nangis. hehe