Kenduri Selamat

Kenduri Selamat for Sheraz and our house was held at the same time. It was last month on November 21. I know it's been quite some time now, well since I just got the pictures from other camera. (and am posting this for record purpose.)

We moved into our house on August 8, 2009. It was two weeks before Ramadhan, when I was 8 month pregnant. The kenduri for the house was postponed until after Sheraz arrived. Sheraz's aqiqah was done in Jakarta together with Don Arsyad's. So this was majlis baca doa and cukur rambut for Sheraz. Everything was organized by Roy's family. It started at 10 am, attended by a hundred over who mostly are Roy's relatives. Food was prepared also by Roy's family.

InsyaAllah mendapat berkah dan redha Allah. Amin.

*1. Sheraz seemed to be happy to have the crowd.
*2. He was looking for susu when they wanted to cut his hair.

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waneeda said...

Muka dona pon kena letak kapur gak ek? hehehe.. mcm2 la adat.. :P