Happy Three Months

Dear my little sweetheart Sheraz,

Today you turn three wonderful months old. You are getting bigger, longer and stronger. Almost everyone can't believe you're as young as three months old. When ayah brought you to my office, my friends agreed you're strong as they carried you. Ayah's friend even thought you're over a year old.

You are able to lift your head, chest, and shoulders off the ground when you're on your tummy. You can push yourself up while you're in this position. We can see your happy and proud face when you're showing us what you're capable of.

Sheraz, our little professor. Bunda calls you one not because of the baby hair loss. You're simply my professor, a brilliant little boy. You can easily catch people's face and you know how to make them smile. Once you're looking at me, your eyes would follow me as I walk. You always spot and study a lot of things even as tiny as a button. We notice that you're now aware of your hands. You turn your hand around, see your fingers and move them up and down. You can now grab things and lift some light toys. That's why I put off your mitten during play time. I once forgot to put on your mitten back when you were asleep, you scratched your nose and it bled. Please forgive bunda, sweetie.

Sheraz - our little sunshine, you're a charming boy who lightens up our days. We are happy to have you here. Your two dimples are cute, one is more obvious than the other. You show them when you're smiling. Your eyelashes are full and longer. Your chubby arms and legs with folded skin remind me of my childhood doll.

Sheraz - my little poppet. It's amazing that you like to listen to Quran recitation. I hope you will be a good believer. You will find your sign insyaAllah, where the call is to Him. This evening ayah carried you when you were crying. Suddenly you stopped when your eyes spot me praying. MasyaAllah.

We love you and are so grateful to have you, Sheraz. May Allah protect you always.



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butter-and-fly said...

Happy 3 MOnths baby sheraz comeee.. ^,^