Happy One Month

Happy one month old to Sheraz! May Allah protect him always. Updates on the little angel:-

#1 Sheraz weighs 4.38 kg. We are done with the newborn diaper. DH bought size 1 yesterday, the remaining NB size needs to be given away to his cousin.

#2 Sheraz's fussy time is not as bad as the third week but he's still having growth spurt.

#3 He doesn't allow me to talk with anybody during feeding. He rumbles when I do.

#4 He likes to listen to Yasin recitation on my notebook. It makes him calm, but this could mean something else, especially when I play it during Maghrib.

#5 He observes things around him a lot. He can catch movements and sounds. He frowns when he does.

#6 He likes to listen to the musical mobile. It attracts his attention and makes him stop crying (for few seconds). When he's in good mood he'd listen to the music, watch the hanging bears go round in circle and move his arms and legs forward and backward that it looks like he's riding a bicycle.

#7 He can laugh (not smile). He laughed twice, as far as we notice. I witnessed the first and his Mak Incik witnessed the second one. It's funny but my mother found it scary instead.

#8 It takes time to make him burp.

#9 He makes funny faces when he's trying to poop.

#10 He sounds like an adult when passing gass and burping, and it's not cute at all. He ever passed gass when there were visitors at home, they looked at me so I quickly had to say "It was the baby."

#11 Swaddling helps him sleep better.and longer. When he's awake and feels boring he'd try to get his hands out and most of the time he succeeds.

#12 He's so strong from the very beginning. He can hold his head up steady and could flip from tummy to back when he was only 5 days old.

#13 Sometimes he sleeps with his eyes open and mostly with his mouth open.

#14 He cried with tears for the first time when he was three weeks old.

#15 He behaves better for other people than he does for me. I could have been sad but I consider this as a compliment as this could be a sign that I and the baby have bonded well.

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