'Milky Way'

MCPD: 27 weeks 3 days

This is something new to talk about..

ah well, mine started to leak since I was on the 22nd week. Is it normal? I was so surprised. But when I remembered that I'm pregnant, I thought this is supposed to happen. At first it had happened only to one side then the next day both did. It's clear liquid but leaves stain on the t-shirt (it's called colostrum). Since then they leak almost everyday. My mom said this could be too early, knowing that I was only 5 month pregnant. I referred to the book and it doesn't mention leakage until the ninth month. Even though I have another three months to go, I just hope this is a good sign that I will not be having problem to breastfeed. My friend hadn't leaked a drop until the second week after the baby was born. Let's just hope for the best.

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