Baby Cot

MCPD: 26 weeks 2 days

Today, finally after surveying at few different stores, we bought a baby cot! -together with a latex mattress and bedding. Actually we bought a full set to get a save more than $250. The cot is wooden, white in colour, with adjustable mattress base to suit each stage of baby's development and it can be converted to toddler bed. I can say the price is affordable compared to IKEA's as to consider its function and design. So we thought that it's worth it.

On the other word, actually we are excited to shop for the baby with 1001 reasons. And here I would like to mention the word "we" since daddy likes to shop too. I hope LO would love it.

Still in the box. We would like to save a surprise for ourselves until we move in to our house. Can't wait to set a baby's nursery.


alana said...

waah..already bought baby cot. hehe..i'm getting 2 hav 1 2..4-in-1 baby cot. so can change 2 kids bed later..hehe. x lama lg kan dona. haha..skalinya sma date kita deliver..but mayb u'll be earlier than me la..x dpt jumpa roy d kk ptg td. ada asmah ajak jumpa roy. but i was so exhausted from school..anyway kmslm sma roy k.. miz u both a lot ;))

donarose said...

miss u too Noe. yer beli bb cot sebab gatal n x sabar. hehe. xlama lagi Noe, pejam celik tiba2 september. skrg ni kita dah masuk 3rd trimester!