Baby Bump or Lovely Fat Lump?

MCPD: 16 weeks 3 days

Showing or not showing? I was wondering. When the doctor did the ultrasound scanning the position of the doppler was way below the belly button. The same thing also happened last week during the first scan. There's no way around the button. I got this conclusion that the LO is actually still sitting at the lower part, not exactly around the tummy. Fine. The thing is, belly already started to stick out and I know this has something to do with the pregnancy. Because:-

#1 I haven't gained any weight
#2 I don't have a full stomach
#3 I don't feel gassy
#4 I never had an obvious fat tummy

So I did some googling and found out that during this stage the uterus has actually grown a bit and so other things have to move father up. The body somehow does have to make room, as everything shifts around the uterus before it begins to grow out. This makes sense.

So to answer my own question I conclude that I am showing even if it's neither a baby bump nor a lovely fat lump.

Note: I should add the "lovely" word to make myself happy *grin*


FairyGodmother said...


how lovely it is for you to have this blog!

will keep on reading!

take care!

oranodes :: donarose said...

Thanks kak Wina! :)