Last Week Review

MCPD: 8 weeks

Yes I still had the morning sickness and it's getting worse everyday. Well I'm not complaining since writing this is for record purpose only :).

So, nearly every night I went to bed early. I missed the night time internet and some other things, so this will be a bit of last week review:-

1. DH felt sick early last week. Some people say that if your DH really cares for you, he'd share the discomfortness during your pregnancy. So that day, after lunch hour I did felt the worst. The time when I got a headache he texted me and said that he was having a headache. A moment after that he throwed up. After he did, I suddenly felt a bit relieve. My headache gone better. I don't know how true it is, but that happened. Poor him.

2. I ended up not flying to KL. I had worried I might go to KL for work on Friday. We had this internal meeting. Boss told everyone that I'm expecting. He said I have exception from not travelling considering my early pregnancy. That was relieving. I know I may not be able to work all out at the moment but I also know that to keep working is my responsibility as an employee. But to mean putting the LO's life at risk is not a choice at all. So the wise decision of considering the pregnancy is very much appreciated.

3. As mentioned earlier, I slept pretty early almost every night. What I learn that is actually one of the pregnancy symptoms. Feel lazy and sleeping just makes the nausea things dissapear. Couple of weeks before I had this late night time internet. DH warned me not to sleep too late, so as the baby can sleep along with me. To my surprise, last night I slept early as usual, he woke me up and told me to be online instead. That was pretty funny. Of course I couldn't wake up, my laziness was too strong. Lol.

And thinking about sleeping, I think it is already the time. With hopes and prayers, good night.

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