The Good News!

MCPD: 5 weeks 5 days

Alhamdulillah. Here's the good news. I did a pregnancy test and the result was positive! I and my DH cried excitedly. We just couldn't believe. It was a great moment I never can explain.

So the next day we went to the doctor and she confirmed us that I'm really getting preggo. She said i'm on 5 weeks. The estimated due date is around 15-20 September 2009. I would like if it'd be 09.09.09. LoL. She couldn't give the exact date since I wasn't sure when the first day of my last period. Anyway, we're sooo happy.

Few days ago I tried to calculate my pregnancy myself using 34 days cycle, which I am actually. The calculation was the new EDD, which is September 24, 2009. That makes me smaller than the previous estimation. Anyhow, we're going to have the baby registered next monday since we postpone it this week because of the CNY break. That day we will have another test probably. If I'm lucky I would like to have my first ultrasound! That would be great if they don't consider it too early. We really hope this baby is healthy, insyaAllah!


mroy said...

Happy Birthday Sayang.... I LUV U

rose said...

Thank you abang.