On the Launching of Heartlicious Design

What is it anyway?

It's a so called design studio, a space where I'll be talking more about design and let this Excited yet Nervous as my personal records only. I may be taking the blog designing stuff to a better level. I mean, I'm no longer offering free header. Though honestly 'Love to Design' project was a good generator to start with. So I've been contemplating and decided to do something I like and at the same time gain benefit from it. For instance, I can play and enjoy without losing the efforts spent :P Well, it depends on the mood and how good people's response to it.

I never knew the better way to promote blog other than blog walking and commenting to other people's posts. So I decided to do a giveaway, cause I believe most people love Giveaways. That's how I did to launch the Heartlicious Design last Monday. I invited Fizza Closet to be the Sponsor. I was so nervous when I emailed this to her. Cause she's so generous, consent was what I got from her! Please visit her blogshop Fizza Closet, I've been purchasing shawls from her for at least the past 6 months :D

Okay I guess that's pretty much about the launching of the design studio. Whoever reading this I hope for your support :D Oh yeah not to forget, to a friend of mine Ida, thank you for the tips and inspiration :)

This is what's happening over that side.

Custom Blog Design Giveaway by Heartlicious Design
It's scheduled to close on Sunday Morning June 26, 2011.


amirah said...

congrats rose..nice..i've been so busy last week and rasanya akan datang jugak...i ll contact you nnt uer..

HijabRevival.. said...

I am the author of Hijab Revival and as you know I had held a competition on my blog and announced the winner. that winner never got into contact with me so i decided you are the new winner! please email me at queenseyma@hotmail.com and send me your address and full name. please make the subject " Hijab Revival competition winner" so I know its you :)

Rose said...

Amirah, thank you dear. No problem ;)

Seyma, I'm so excited! I was actually confused reading your message lol. I just could believe it. Thank you so much, I already emailed you the details :D

Rose said...

I mean, I couldn't believe it :P

kaklong said...

wah...ni project terbaru u nie ke rose..kak long baru tahu..hal2 blogger ni rose..klo kak long nak guna servis rose nnt kak long contact yer..

pe2 pun kak long ucap tahniah yer rose..hope rose berjaya yer...take care..insyallah kalo tak de aral melintang kak long mai na...

take cre..

Rose said...

kak long, terima kasih banyak2.
KakLong ni friendly sangat. Saya rasa macam dah lama kenal je. Terima kasih untuk sokongan tu, sangat appreciate. Take care :)

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Sabrina Rafaella said...

hello... anyone there?... *echoes* been 3 weeks..
Update la.. How's business? :)

misha.w said...

rose sorry.. tak smpt lg nak isik form yg rose pesan tuh. will do it asap! sorry tau rose.

Rose said...

Sabrina, it's been officially a month now since the last post! I know i know. I really want to update. I think this is the 2nd or 3rd time I access this blog, since a month ago. Poor sheraz, no updates on him at all.
Business is okay.hehe. I'm a bit busy also with my office works. got new responsibilty to handle.

Misha, no problem. saya tunggu! :D