I can't post any comment on Blogger

I don't know whether I'm the only one. But I've been trying over and over again to comment and Blogger keeps showing error message. Help. :(


Sabrina Rafaella said...


Sabrina Rafaella said...

Hey. It's out. Mine is okay. That's explains why i didn't hear anything from you for quite sometimes yang!
Too bad I'm sucks in Java/C++ programming. Sorry. Maybe you can check the comments setting or something?

Btw, i replied to your comment few days ago, in my blog. Can you blog on how you put Sheraz to bed? Maybe we can share ideas from there. I am having trouble to make Siredik sleep. Especially at night.

Rose said...

testing testing

Rose said...

wooooooo!!!! I posted something finally.

Hi Sab, ya I read your comment. It's just that I dont know what to post about it. The truth is I dont put him to bed cause he does himself. I wrote a little about it in this post.

Maybe I'll make a proper entry for this sleeping problem. Hang in there Sabrina. Maybe it's just the phase. He'll get over it soon, hopefully.

zarazueyin said...

me too
facing the same problem today
n finally find the solution - just verifying my email...hehe...done

salam kenal :)

Sabrina Rafaella said...

Aih! My comment this afternoon sikda appear? Haha! Hopefully this phase will pass soon. I doesn't want him to sleep late, and to make him sleep now, i have to BF him until he dozed off. And worst is he still bite! Argh.

cik teyn teyn said...

aik ? why ? masalah lagi ker blogspot ni .. hehe

Rose said...

Zarazueyin: Salam kenal :)
Really? I managed to post something here when I used my friend's pc. agaknya next time, verify email je. tq fy info.keep coming back here ya, Zarazueyin :D

Sabrina: Sorry to hear that darl. That's what I experienced when I still breastfed him. I'm not encouraging you to stop, but you can replace the night nursing with bottle. If you still pump, then give him your breastmilk. When I switched to bottle, I gave sheraz more ounce. When he's full, he didnt bother to nurse again. Once again I'm not encouraging to stop BF cause I wish I still do. This advice is only if you need to wean from this night-time feeding, when you no longer feel comfortable for it, then that's one of the ways to wean.

He's biting because he may be sleepy during that time. You know, the sucking calms him. That's why he needs it to settle himself down.

Cik Teyn Teyn: tu le, takut kalau blogger ni ada masalah lagi.dah la record2 kat sini. tambah lagi saya ni kan suka panicking dan nervous :P

Sabrina Rafaella said...

I was thinking the same too! Not that we want to stop BF, let say that they are bigger and they have to learn to be more independent right? Furthermore, my milk supply has decrease now :(

Aha. Good idea. Adding more oz to his FM. I should have think about that too. Because normally after he had his 6oz, he still wants to BF. I'm scared he will vomit. But never mind, maybe add 2 more oz oh? Thanks! :D

Anonymous said...

Popup setting seems to be the answer.