Blog Design

This is the first Blog Design I did for a client. So I call here ' a client' shall we. :P

It's been up for quite a while now. The owner of the blog, Ani is still working on it. She sells Premium Beautiful corset and Tupperware. The preferred colours for the design were pink, purple, blue and green. At first I wasn't sure whether those colours would make good combination or not. So I just gave it a try. And I think it turned out just fine. Right?

She wanted a girl illustration and I came out with this slim lady carrying two paper bags. I adjusted her colour and shape a lot. But it's really interesting to play with this and I think I start loving it. yeah, I still need more practice!

Please visit her blog here to get Premium Beautiful Corset and Tupperware! 

The latest header was for SyahNia, cik Ain. She wanted to get her and her spouse illustrated with their own faces embedded. Illustrating a face is the most tedious job (and difficult), replacing the cartoon face with a picture made the whole process a lot easier. Again, the preferred colour was pink.

I'm not offering any free header at the moment. But I appreciate a request for a blog makeover. The charge will be very reasonable. Trust me :D


amirah said... it..rose, wonder if you could design one for me..ngeee..seriously u can call me a blog-design dummy or anything u can name it..hehe..sungguh x reti langsung and unfortunetly i don't hv so much time to google and study bout, can i get a quotation from u or how do i start, i.e for ur service? tq..: P

*Miss Syahnia* said...

dear, memang sgt2 puas hati
dgn design akk..

nice n cute ;)

Rose said...


Amirah, wah sungguh? Thank you. Sure boleh :). Nanti I'll email you. Can i have your email address?

Ain, trima kasih. Alhamdu. Keep in touch ok

Liza Razak said...

wahh..pandai awak design header !!

merahitujambu said...

rupanya akak ke yang desgin header kawan sy tu..nanti deisgn blog sy jugak eh..cantik..

sy buan orang bawah je ada sebab th memang x baik tolak..tpi rezeki tuhan yang tentukan bukan firm tu kan..=)

merahitujambu said...

*bukan akitek...

akak kawan kak aida masa belajar dulu ye?

Rose said...

Liza Razak: hehe. biasa je :) terima kasih

MerahituJambu: jangan risau. Sbb kita ada hak untuk menerima penawaran dia ke tak. Kalau ada org boleh bagi offer lebih, why not kan :)

Nak blog design? boleh! awak boleh email akak.

Aar, kak Aida kawan masa study dulu. arkitek jugak, x jauh2 :D

misha.w said...

rose, nak jugakkkk... :))) hihihi