Time vs Design

Remember this post? A few days after the post was published, the office gave me a design job. Not that I don't like but I seem to have problem managing my time now at the office. The on-going projects and their paper works (not to include the quarrel with the contractors consultant) plus the brainstorming on the design part. No wonder Project Architects don't do too much design. In other words: next time, I won't complain.

Along with this I would like to post some blog headers I worked on last week.

This week, no progress at all. (oops). Click on the image to go directly to their blog :). Thank you girls. The last one is actually a blog layout. Yes, I accept blog makeover! (-with an affordable price.) Having difficulty figuring out the script but alhamdulillah I just finished tweaking the code. Got to have some time to install it. Well, Sheraz is in moody stage. He doesn't like seeing me doing my work. He pulls my hand so I can be away from the laptop. This happens every night. My back-up is not around. DH is away to Semenanjung for a 3-day cycling tour. He'll only be home on Monday.  I'm now putting a bit effort to post something here cause I just sent Sheraz to my MIL. :P Relieved. Well I need to go to the office afterwards.

Whoever you are who is currently reading this, please keep in touch :D


Isabel said...

These are all so nice! Did you use photoshop to design them? I'll go straight to you if I want a blog makeover next time! No worries..will be keeping in touch!:)

Rose said...

Hi & thank you Isabel! Glad you're around now.
yes I did. It's photoshop. Love it because of its user-friendly tools.

Sure, if you need a blog makeover, I'd love to help. please come to me anytime ;)

amirah said...

rose, these are so pretty. but i like the second one the most.classic.

Rose said...

thank you Amirah!
Oh I see you like the vintage style. It depends on how the clients (I say client here) wanted it to look like.
The first one wanted funky concept with a photo. I introduced funky retro style.

The second one sells pretty roses frame. So I came out with this vintage frame idea.

The third one wanted a character holding paperbags. So I created a cartoon character.

All based on their input, individual style and how I translate it to graphic


✿ n0ra ✿ said...

I LOVE the 2nd one too because it's mine... thehehe

Thanks again dear. LOVE it ;)