I Love to Design

I think I never wrote specifically what I do to make a living. I'm a so called designer. I design spaces and make them work for people to use. When I was 5 years old, I always dreamt of building my own home. I imagined and sketched plans. My mom said that's an Architect's job. Ever since, I knew what I wanted to be. I'm so grateful that  I am now is what I had dreamt so many years before. Alhamdulillah. But now I don't design as much as I used to since I was engaged as a project architect 2 years ago. My work is about meetings,  making sure that other people's design is built correctly, coping to administer building contracts, going to the sites and witness the 'dirtiness' of a construction industry.

Back to design, on one hand, I'm always passionate to design graphics. I have been helping to do graphics for posters, pamphlets, t-shirts and websites. I'm a no business minded, so I never got financial benefits out of it, (frankly) except for the t-shirts as I got a little of the margin. I'm currently in the mood of tricking images in Photoshop. If anybody wants me to do something with the header of the blog - for example, please feel free to ask me. Of course it's FOC. I'm offering not that the works are like masterpiece or what. I feel like building a portfolio here. I just love it, that's it. In order to build one, I need works and experiences. Who knows one day I'll earn something out of it.


✿ n0ra ✿ said...

That's great!!! Terus ajer i comment dgn memalu kucing to get the free header for my e-shoppe :)

dona::rose said...

yay somebody's interested. Please email me the URL if it's already online, a brief detail and what you expect on the outcome.

it's oranodes@gmail.com.

||kiena|| said...

all d best dona!
kiena dah tak lalu nk update blog dah,.. =P
tunggu mood mari! hahaha alasan ;)

Sabrina Rafaella said...

I wantt!! Not because its free though, because you know soo well about what I normally blogged about! So, where should I go next? What should I email u? :P

dona::rose said...

Kiena: Tu la, i think last night dona bukak blog kiena. I thought Blogger is not updating any new post from you. Rupa2nya mmg tak de update. Tp I know you, bila nak update bertimbun2 entri baru keluar :p

Sabrina: erm boleh! maybe you can tell me whatever input you want me to consider. I suppose your blog name will be there. Maybe you have your prefered colour, concept or anything. Unless you let me explore my own thought which is okay with me :)

*luv Syahnia* said...

salam dear ;)
eh btl ke akk bole tlg buatkn
header comey2 utk cik ain ?
besttnnyeeee...cmne nk cntact akk

dona::rose said...

boleh cik Ain :) email je to oranodes@gmail.com ok

$t@rlish_gurl said...

salam, i'm still new in blog..
just beginner,..
its very pleasure if i can get your design for my blog.. i wish ;)
how can i get the offer,,,
tq sis..;)

DoodleDesign said...

wow! Dona.. should I say this is a great marketing technique- giving FREE services..? hihii. I think, u'll be vewy2 popular! Your designs are quite good and insyaAllah you'll have a great portfolio soon :)

Rose said...

Salam $t@rlish_gurl, yes the offer's still on :). you can email me at oranodes@gmail.com

ET, thank you. Amin3x, it's so nice of you. I'm giving it free but not promoting it that much, so I guess it's not really a great technique :)